I going to tell him twice today that I love him and twice wish

Police told us we had to take them court. The tenants literally admitted to taking items yet the police didn do anything. Said we had to take them to court.. Bush met with historians, philosophers and theologians during dark times in his presidency, when the fiasco of Iraq weighed heavy. Ronald Reagan leaned on the governing plans of the Heritage Foundation, while Bill Clinton combined endless policy salons with the centrist blueprints of the Democratic Leadership Council. Barack Obama had, well, himself.

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If you have too much company around one week, your productivity tanks. Simply keeping too many real friends is hard, because a lot of your friends just want to be around you for social status or in the hopes that you will hook them up. Every person in your life must outweigh the time and emotional energy they take from your ability to work.

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For baking, I tend to like slower stuff. Just really chill, laid back music with no particular genre. The last cookies I made were to the chatham rabbits, who are a folk/bluegrass duo. Also, someone noted that ”what do I do?” well, obviously I annoy so much the people on my surroundings that people have called me an annoyance. Yet for some motive, they keep calling me for help or when something needs to be done. BTW, the response to this comment proves this point.

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